Persuasion (1995)

The second Jane Austen adaptation of the year doesn't make a lick of
sense.  The plot appears to revolve around a frumpy, spinster sister
(Amanda Root), the only seemingly sane member of the pretentious Elliott
clan.  She's quite the free-thinker for her time (1814), even if the most
progressive of thoughts can't seem to keep her from swooning every time
another man walks into the room.  Groan.  Impenetrable accents and an
utter lack of character introductions conspire to make PERSAUSION seem
CLUELESS.  No problem.  Even without knowing exactly who's who, you can
still enjoy the tart dialogue, sumptuous period detail, and all those
fine, rosy-cheeked English faces.  Next up: Ang Lee's SENSE & SENSIBILITY. 

Grade: B

Copyright 1995 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies

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