Four Rooms (1995)

Horribly uneven and largely unfunny, this "experimental" anthology 
film has a great third segment-- written and directed by Robert 
Rodriguez (DESPERADO)-- and that's about it.  The first two parts, 
by Allison Anders (GAS FOOD LODGING) and Alexandre Rockwell (IN THE 
SOUP), are wholly forgettable.  The last segment, written, direct-
ed, and acted by Quentin Tarantino, is so far over-the-top that it 
virtually defies explanation.  (Think of a Hitchcock homage inside 
of a Tarantino parody.)  
The central character is Ted the Bellboy (Tim Roth), a Jerry Lewis 
knock-off who is mysteriously reinvented in each chapter.  Sure, 
FOUR ROOMS has its moments, and almost all of them are confined to 
Rodrigeuz's delightfully sadistic segment.  A bonus is the humor, 
which, when you can find it, is refreshingly non-PC.  Sold as a 
set, FOUR ROOMS is the season's definitive long-sit.  (We enjoyed 
the audience gripes and watched as a few of them walked out.)  So, 
arrive late, stay for the third segment, and then brace yourself 
for Tarantino.  

Grades: D (Anders), D (Rockwell), A- (Rodriguez), C+ (Tarantino),   
        C- (overall)

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