Sabrina (1995)

Surprisingly stiff for a romantic-comedy remake, SABRINA still has 
its charms.  The old-fashioned plot-- involving a pair of wealthy 
brothers (Harrison Ford and Greg Kinnear) and their chauffeur's 
attractive daughter (Julia Ormand)-- takes a while to settle into.  
We're asked to feel sympathetic toward a trio of characters who, in 
the nineties, come across as either shallow or stupid.  Or both.  
Each projects an innocence, though, that helps to eclipse their 
flagrant flaws.  And, after about ninety-minutes of story, they 
cease to seem like candidates-for-counseling and begin to function 
as real movie-people.  Exceptionally polished, SABRINA is always 
eye-catching, even when the story strays down a dead-end alley.  
Such as an entire segment set in Paris.  And how about the pairing 
of Richard Crenna and Angie Dickinson as the in-laws-to-be? We 
haven't seen them together since the 1971 TV-movie THIEF.

Grade: B-

Copyright 1995 Michael J. Legeros
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