Showgirls (1995)

Though it certainly doesn't aspire to any lofty ambitions, SHOWGIRLS 
is still a failure.  The problems start in the opening scene, where 
the liabilities of actress Elizabeth Berkley are exposed even before 
her breasts are.  She has spunk and little else.  (Though some might 
argue that she *needs* little else in a movie that wants to give new 
meaning the term "titillate."  Forget the rating-- the worst you'll 
see here are a few female frontal shots.)  

Drawing from the Bad Actors Guild is only part of the problem.  The 
director, Paul Verhoeven (BASIC INSTINCT, ROBOCOP), can't decide if 
he's presenting a strip show or a morality play.  So he tries for 
both.  What he ends up with is $40M of Vegas glitz that's neither 
erotic nor dramatic enough to be interesting.  A long sit.

COMPARATIVE WORTH:  Screenwriter/MPAA taunter Joe Eszterhas was paid  
                    over $3 mil. for his supposedly "tell all" story.  
                    How much does that translate to, on a per-boob 

Grade: D+ 

Copyright 1995 by Michael J. Legeros 

Originally posted to triangle.movies

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