Steal Big, Steal Little (1995)

I can't say much about this one.  Director Andrew Davis follows THE 
FUGITIVE with a wildly unfunny farce about twin brothers (Andy Garcia) 
with opposing moral codes.  They're fighting over their adoptive 
mother's estate, a 40,000-acre ranch worth millions and supporting 
dozens of migrant farm workers.  So many different plots are trying to 
come together-- feuding brothers, reconciling husbands, loan-shark 
hired hitmen-- that you have to admire the director's ambition.  Too 
bad that almost every single person or plot-line is out of sync.  That 
is, with the exception of Alan Arkin.  He's the best thing in a movie 
that-- despite the work of four credited writers-- *still* manages to 
waste such diverse talents as David Odgen Stiers, Kevin McCarthy, and 
Joe Pantolinao.  And what the heck does that title mean?

Grade: D+

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