Tank Girl (1995)

The first comic-book film of the year stars Lori Petty (FREE WILLY) as
an impulsive, wise-cracking punkster who roams the wastelands of 2033
for the seemingly sole purpose of fighting the Water and Power Police.
The latter is led by Malcolm McDowell, who did us all a big favor by
killing Captain Kirk in STAR TREK GENERATIONS.  She also steals a tank,
hence the name, and, later, hooks up with some mutant Kangaroos, one of
whom is played by rapper Ice-T.

TANK GIRL benefits from a hot soundtrack (supervised by Courtney Love)
and a good production design.  Of course, neither is enough to sustain
viewer interest into the second hour.  This poor film doesn't know what
it wants to be, and so the narrative veers wildly in every direction.
Don't be surprised when the characters break into a song-and-dance
routine.  You have been warned.


Grade: D+

Copyright 1995 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies

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