The Ties That Bind (1995)

The nicest thing you can say about THE TIES THAT BIND-- screenwriter 
Wesley Strick's unfortunate directoral debut-- is that all of the 
scenes appear to be in the correct order.  If you saw *any* film this 
summer, then you've seen the trailer, which gives away the entire 
movie:  a cute little girl is adopted by two yuppies (Moria Kelly and 
Vincent Spano), who find themselves in peril with the return of the 
girl's psychotic, white-trash parents (Keith Carradine and Daryl 
Hannah, slumming).  Zero wit, style, tension, characterization, etc. 
*must* be somebody's idea of a cruel joke.  

Makes CONGO look like CITIZEN KANE.

Grade: F

Copyright 1995 Michael J. Legeros
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