Tommy Boy (1995)

The rules must go something like this:  if you're a current cast member
of "Saturday Night Live," then you get your own movie.  No questions
asked.  Now it's Chris Farley's turn.  He plays the no-brain son of an
auto parts manufacturer (Brian Dehenney), who's forced to go on the road
to save the company.  His travel companion:  David Spade, also of SNL.

As expected, Farley makes an easy target for Spade's sarcastic barbs.
It's "stupid" this, and "fat" that-- inoffensive routines that fall
somewhere between the material in DUMB AND DUMBER and PLANES, TRAINS,
AND AUTOMOBILES.  The physical gags aren't bad either.  The scene of
Farley trying to change clothes in an airplane restroom is easily worth
the price of admission.  With Bo Derek, Rob Lowe, Julie Warner, and Dan

Next up: STUART SAVES HIS FAMILY (with Al Franken).

Grade: C+

Copyright 1995 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies

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