To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar (1995)

The first mainstream American "drag comedy"-- call it our answer to 
PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT-- is neither sassy nor subtle enough to 
be *really* funny.  (Think "drag light.")  What you *do* get is the 
remarkably amusing sight of macho macho men Wesley Snipes and Patrick 
Swayze in high heels and make-up.  They're good for more than a few 
laughs; maybe more than Middle America is completely comfortable with.

refers to the inscription on a celebrity photo that the "girls" take 
with them on a cross-country car trip that lands them broken-down and 
detoured in a tiny midwestern town.  Sound familiar?  Of course, no 
one there has a lick of fashion sense, much less the ability to 
recognize a man dressed as a woman.  [ Insert "Wonder Woman" theme. ]

What ensues is mild hilarity-with-a-message, such as a local yokel 
with a crush on John Leguizamo.  (He plays the third wheel, Chi Chi 
Rodriguez, a whiny Hispanic queen who is already putting Rosie Perez 
out of work.)  Also pay attention to Chris Penn, a scene-stealer as 
the hilariously homophobic Sheriff Dollard.

Grade: C+

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