White Man's Burden (1995)

The Rod Serling gimmick-- the *whites* as the minority race-- is 
intriguing, but writer/director Desmond Nakano doesn't go anywhere 
with it.  Instead of biting satire, or even a revealing, cross-
cultural snapshot, Nakano gives a fired factory worker (John 
Travolta) a gun and lets him kidnap the wealthy industrialist 
(Harry Belafonte) who was indirectly responsible.  The idea, of 
course, is that each will share a better perspective at the end of 
their ordeal.  And that is the problem.  Nakano has created an 
alternate reality that's just *too* real to believe such a 
ludicrous plot twist.  In fact, as written, the entire second-half 
of the story would be virtually unwatchable, if not for the 
extraordinarily humane performances by Travolta and Belafonte.   
They shine brightly, and provide the small moments of sanity in an 
otherwise absurd story.
Grade: C+

Copyright 1995 Michael J. Legeros
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