Bound (1996)

BOUND is a terrific thriller about a mobster (Joe Pantoliano), his 
moll (Jennifer Tilly), and her (!) mistress (Gina Gershon).  They 
want his money and their seemingly simple scheme leads to a bloody 
comedy of errors.  Sex, violence, and leather-clad lesbians, it's 
all here.  First-time filmmakers Larry and Andy Wachowski, who co-
wrote and co-directed, have created a wildly imaginative slice of 
pulp fiction.  (Think Tarantino meets the Coen Brothers.  And wait 
till you see their living-room bullet ballet.)  All that's required 
is accepting Gershon and Tilly in their pseudo-straight roles.  
(The Sneering One is more believable than the Squeaky One, but not 
by much.)  Put your brain on hold and you'll have a blast. (Rated 
"R"/108 min.)

Grade: B+

Copyright 1996 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: October 27, 1996

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