Big Bully (1996)

Another Minnesota comedy from writer Mark Steven Johnson (GRUMPY and  
GRUMPIER OLD MEN).  Both Rick Moranis and Tom Arnold are well-cast  
as former-schoolmates-turned-teachers, ready to resume their roles  
as perpetual victim to the other guy's big bully.  The first hour is  
likable enough, but the expected gags-- of Arnold's persistent  
pesterings-- are too few and far between.  Director Steve Miner (MY  
FATHER THE HERO) spends too much time on the set-up and, worse, he  
doesn't deliver much that's funny after the kid gloves come off.   
The ending, involving a thunderstorm-soaked waterfall, is just plain  
awful.  Supporting players Carol Kane, Don Knotts, Julianne  
Phillips, and Jeffrey Tambor are equally underused, though Curtis  
Armstrong has some memorable moments as a highly stressed science  
Grade: D+ 
Copyright 1996 by Michael J. Legeros  

Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: January 28, 1996

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