Caught (1996)

CAUGHT, which played in Triangle theaters a week ago, is a well-
acted but not entirely believable drama about a young drifter (Arie 
Verveen) who wanders into the life of a married New Jersey couple 
(Edward James Olmos and Maria Conchita Alonso) and is given three 
things:  a job at their fish market, a place to stay in their home, 
and the unintended role of surrogate son.  Later, when their *real* 
adult child returns from California-- where he's been trying to 
break into show business-- he immediately smells something fishy.  
Specifically, that Mom and his new brother have been rolling around 
the floor together in the middle of the night.  Holy Oedipus Rex!  

The acting is superb in this one and the script has enough abnormal 
psychology to fill a Brian DePalma thriller. (Wait till you see the 
final confrontation between the Number One Son and his rival!)  The 
only problem is that the story (and, thus, the characters) doesn't 
give us enough to cues to believe that the wife and the hired help 
would (a.) have sex and (b.) continue having sex, especially right 
there and under the same roof as the old man.  Did director Robert 
Young leave a larger backstory on the cutting room floor?  Perhaps 
one that details a more-deteriorating marriage than is portrayed 
here??  In it's present form, the movie doesn't make enough sense.  
(Rated "R"/109 min.)

Grade: B-

Copyright 1996 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally titled MOVIE HELL: Something Fishy

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