Celtic Pride (1996)

Dan Aykroyd and Daniel Stern are well-cast as a pair of rabid 
Celtics fans who kidnap the opposing team's star player (Damon 
Wayans) before the last game of a tied championship series.  They 
make a good, goofy couple:  Stern as the gym-teaching, distracted 
husband whose wife, once again, wants a divorce; Aykroyd as the 
never-dates plumber with a head full of stats and an apartment full 
of kitsch.  The movie, unfortunately, doesn't give the pair nearly 
enough to do.  Their gags are too often air balls and the verbal 
interplay-- between them and the sour-mouthed Wayans-- doesn't 
score the way it should.  (To make matters worse, the distressingly 
underwritten film is distressingly overscored by composer Basil 
Poledouris.)   Sports fans should find this funny, but lay people 
may want to lay off such a lame lay up.  Now, if only someone would 
make a movie about rabid *ACC* fans... (Rated "PG"/93 min.)

Grade: C

Copyright 1996 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: April 21, 1996

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