Crash (1997)

CRASH is about a bunch of over-sexed Canucks who get their jollies 
from colliding cars.  Yup, it's explicit.  Yup, it's vintage David 
Cronenberg, with all those scars and wounds and reshaped flesh.  As 
a study of sexual fetishes, though, the story needs at least *some* 
semblance of a reality base.  (And, perhaps, an explanation of why 
there are no such things as traffic cops in Canada.)  We're thrown 
into a world of weird people doing weird things and, without even a 
remote sense of which way is up, it's nearly impossible to get or-
iented enough to get involved.  Winner of a Special Jury Prize at 
last year's Cannes Film Festival.  (Rated "NC-17"/100 min.)

Grade: B


CRASH was screened at the Rialto, in Raleigh on 3/21.  The audience 
was greeted by the sweet smell of sawdust, from the previous day's 
installation of a brand-spanking-new screen.  And, oh, doesn't that 
Dolby Digital system sound good on the trailer for SMILLA'S SENSE 

Copyright 1997 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies in March 23, 1997

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