The Delicate Art of the Rifle (1996)

THE DELICATE ART OF THE RIFLE has been billed an "action adventure" 
by our local newspaper.  I'd place the locally produced (and, so 
far, locally distributed) feature closer to comedy.  Perhaps black 
comedy.  Perhaps *absurdist* comedy, as there isn't much realism to 
this tale of a college theater tech (David Grant) who happens upon 
his roommate (Stephen Grant) shooting people from atop a campus 
building.  The script is frequently funny, but the movie is long 
and, at times, tedious.  (A brutal sound mix doesn't help matters 
much, either.)  Filmed on or around my alma mater, North Carolina 
State University.  And, for when they become famous, the names to 
remember are Dante Harper (director), Stephen Grant (also writer), 
Todd Flinchum (producer), and Alicia Kratzer (production designer).  
(Not Rated/90 min.)

Grade: C

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Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: April 6, 1997

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