Dunston Checks In (1996)

Jason Alexander as Basil Fawlty?  The squinty small-screen star-- from
TV's "Seinfeld" -- gives a serviceable performance as the put- upon
manager of a five-star hotel.  Not only does he have two kids to raise, a
hotel inspector incognito, and Faye Dunaway as his Ivana Trump-meets-Leona
Helmsley boss, there's the small matter of a certain simian.  Or, as Paul
Reubens' exterminator extraordinare puts it:  "You've got an orangutan
problem."  And he's a scene- stealer!  Forget the adult actors in this
one.  Rubens, Dunaway, and Terry-Thomas channeler Rupert Everett are only
OK, while Alexander gets one good outburst and that's about it.  Basil! 
Forget the adult actors in this one.  Instead, enjoy your 'tang with the
rest of the kids, or just go ape over that fabulous set design that
recalls Dennis Gassner's fabulous work in THE HUDSUCKER PROXY.  (Rated
"PG"/100 min.)

Grade: B-                                        

Copyright 1996 by Michael J. Legeros


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