If Lucy Fell (1996)

A couple years ago, writer/director/actor/ex-cabby Eric Schaeffer, 
along with his co-everything pal Donal Lardner Ward, made the very 
funny, ultra-low budget MY LIFE'S IN TURNAROUND.  (Actually, one of 
the better of films of 1994, as I recall.)  The two went on to 
television-- on "Too Something," on Fox-- and now Schaeffer's back 
on film, with Ward nowhere to be found.  Too bad.  This super-
sleight New York romantic comedy could use a helping hand. 

The premise has longtime roomies Schaeffer and Sarah Jessica Parker 
(playing a therapist, no less!) vowing to take a dive off the 
Brooklyn Bridge if they don't find love by age thirty.  Which is in 
one month.  Off they go to find romance, which, of course, is right 
in front them.  Yawn.  There isn't much substance to IF LUCY FELL; 
the loosely played laughs come and go, and the emotion behind the 
romance just isn't there.  If there's a reason to watch this film-- 
on tape, of course, after renting MY LIFE'S IN TURNAROUND-- it's to 
enjoy Schaeffer's endearingly goofy performance.  He's a natural, 
even if his movie isn't. (Rated "R"/93 min.)

Grade: C-

Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: March 20, 1996

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