The Juror (1996)

At last!  A movie that explains the O.J. verdict!  Well-endowed literary
revisionist Demi Moore stars in this thrill-less thriller, about a juror-
in-jeopardy who must convince her peers to acquit a mobster, or else whis-
pering bad guy Alec Baldwin will do something scary to her son.  (Such as,
say, forcing him to watch Mom strip on a late-night television talk show?)
Bad bad bad.  There's a fundamental wrongness to THE JUROR that almost
defies explanation.  Every possible dramatic convention is ignored; every
on-screen action has no meaning other than as an absurd, immediate grat-
ification.  Even the camp value is minimal.  The first unwatchable movie
of the year and, yet, people were clapping and cheering to the end.  I
can't explain it.  Perhaps, after viewing Demi's various tight-fitting
tops, they had formed the opinion that, for certain figures, Moore is
better.  Welcome to Hell.  (Rated "R"/~120 min.)

Grade: F

Copyright 1996 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies on 1FEB96 as MOVIE HELL WARNING: "The Juror"

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