The Mirror Has Two Faces (1996)

THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES is a mess.  Babs' new movie is a tedious 
exploration of a woman's appearance and her self-opinion therein, 
disguised as an old-fashioned romantic comedy about two college  
professors (Babs and Jeff Bridges) who enter into a chaste marriage 
because "sex ruins everything," set in an indulgent fantasy world 
populated by beautiful people like Elle Macpherson (as Bridges' ex-
girlfriend!) and Pierce Brosnan (as Babs' old beau!), and shot 
through an endless series of hazy filters, or, perhaps, a year's 
worth of old pantyhose.  The laughs are there, sometimes intended 
and sometimes not.  I howled as an over-pronounced saxophone (on 
the soundtrack) circled the two during an intimate moment.  And how 
about that busy Marvin Hamlisch score, that you half-expect Babs to 
break into song with?

Mr. Bridges is great fun to watch as the button-downed, bow-tied 
intellectual whose idea of a good time is bringing a spectral ana-
lyzer to a Christmas concert.  (How much are those, anyway?)  His 
character is perfectly serious (and perfectly believable) when he 
says "I'm sure if sex is something that interests you, I would 
provide that on occasion."  Also very funny are Lauren Bacall and 
Mimi Rogers, as Barbra's mother and sister, respectively.  (George 
Segal and Brenda Vaccaro, in supporting roles, are largely wasted.)  
As for Babs herself, well, it's quite a stretch to believe her as 
an ugly duckling spinster.  Especially given the care that she's 
taken to look good in every.  single.  frame.  Maybe if she had a 
fat suit, a la Eddie Murphy in THE NUTTY PROFESSOR?  (Rated "PG-
13"/125 min.)

Grade: C+

Copyright 1996 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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