One Fine Day (1996)

The formula is a familiar one:  two people meet, fall in love, and 
spend the rest of the picture pretending they don't feel that way.  
In the bustling, big-city romantic comedy ONE FINE DAY, those two 
are Michelle Pfieffer and George Clooney.  They play a pair of 
single, working parents who are thrown together after their kids 
miss a field trip.  The Cat and the Bat are an okay match, though 
neither actor appears at a distinct advantage.  Mr. Clooney is not 
yet the Big Leading Man that the hype would have him be, while Ms. 
Pfieffer is stuck struggling in a oddly unsympathetic role.  The 
latter point is particularly problematic.  Pfieffer is portrayed 
as, well, a grouch who can't control her son.  So when Clooney's 
character breezes in and effortlessly takes charge of the situa-
tion, you can't help but wonder what message is being sent.  Of 
course, these points are probably moot as the movie itself is so 
exhausting that I'm tempted to label it unwatchable.  Director 
Michael Hoffman (RESTORATION) overdoes it on every possible front-- 
plot, music, repartee, etc.-- that the end result is too much movie.  
I just wanted to shut down and be done with it.  (Rated "PG"/105 

Grade: C 

Copyright 1996 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies as One Fine Mess

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