Spy Hard (1996)

The rapid-fire formula that worked so well in AIRPLANE!, the 
"Police Squad!" television series, TOP SECRET!, three NAKED GUN 
films, and two HOT SHOTS! movies has finally reached a desperate 
dead-end with SPY HARD.  Even Ezio Gregio's THE SILENCE OF THE HAMS 
is arguably funnier than this over-extended spy- and action-movie 
spoof.  Leslie Nielsen stars as secret agent WD-40, who returns 
from retirement to battle his old nemesis, General Rancor (a 
cackling Andy Griffith).  The jokes fly in every direction and with 
hardly a hint of restraint, timing, or tact.  Most the movie is 
comprised of recycled AIRPLANE and NAKED GUN gags, recreated movie 
sequences, and soggy star cameos.  Yeah, maybe we *do* need Ray 
Charles driving an L.A. bus bound for a SPEED bump, but did Mr. T, 
Hulk Hogan, and Dr. Joyce Brothers also have to appear in the same 

Leslie Nielsen plays it straight with his usual dopey flair.  There 
is something oddly inspiring about the sight of Nielsen wearing a 
nun's habit, even the resulting SISTER ACT spoof is silly.  As are 
the bits directly lifted from HOME ALONE, PULP FICTION, TRUE LIES, 
etc. etc.  (Adolescent males might enjoy this mess, tho.  The butt 
shots, breast peeks, penis pokes, flatulence gags, and related 
innuendo are right up Beavis and Butthead's alley.)  Beyond the 
hilarious title sequence with "Weird" Al Yankovich performing the 
theme song, SPY HARD is barely the stock that it's printed on.  My 
recommendation:  duck in while you're waiting for another movie to 
start.  Stay long enough to see the camera dart inside of Weird 
Al's nostril and then leave.  You won't miss a thing. (Rated "PG-
13"/82 min.)

Grade: D-   

Copyright 1996 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: May 26, 1996

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