Swingers (1996)

SWINGERS, a low-budget comedy about a group of twentysomething guys 
trying to help their buddy (Jon Favreau) get over a girlfriend and 
get back into the world of dating (read: get laid), is a difficult 
movie to settle into.  None of the young actors' performances are 
particularly inviting, including Favreau, who also wrote and co-
produced the film.  Most of the scenes are poorly lit and, when 
combined with the grainy photography, all but ensures a headache on 
the part of the viewer.  The selling point is the script-- a witty 
and knowing piece of work about guys on the prowl, the L.A. singles 
scene, and show business in general.  Stay with it, get used to the 
lighting, grow comfortable with the characters, and you'll be re-
warded with a generous number of laughs and, even, a bit of sweet 
sentimentality. (Rated "R"/95 min.)

Grade: B

Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: November 17, 1996

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