The Trigger Effect (1996)

THE TRIGGER EFFECT is the directorial debut of screenwriter David 
Koepp (CARLITO'S WAY, JURASSIC PARK), whose "Twilight Zone" premise 
pays attention to a suburban California couple (Kyle MacLachlan and 
Elisabeth Shue) during an unusually lengthy blackout.  The story is 
told in three acts, detailing how the family copes with themselves, 
their neighbors, and the rest of society.  Koepp, who also wrote 
the script, has no problem generating suspense.  His characters are 
generally less compelling than their conflicts, though I must say 
that MacLachlan's nice-guy-on-the-verge-of-doing-something-savage 
took me all the way back to Dustin Hoffman in STRAW DOGS.  (Rated 
"R"/106 min.)

Grade: C+

Copyright 1996 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: September 2, 1996

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