Two if By Sea (1996)

This ultralight romantic comedy plays a world better than the
treacly ads suggest.  The plot revolves around a small-time thief
(Denis Leary) and his longtime girlfriend (Sandra Bullock), both of
whom are on the lam in Rhode Island, staying in a house that isn't
theirs and pretending to be people that they aren't.  Yawn.  If the
plot is old hat-- which it is-- then the delight comes from the
casting.  Pairing Denis Leary with Sandra Bullock is a move of box-
office brilliance.  Leary's abrasive, abusive wit is the perfect
complement to Bullock's incessant charm.  The two succeed
with a core chemistry that is far more fun to watch than any story
situated plot convolution.  Great local color, too!  (Rated "R"/95

Grade: B-
Copyright 1996 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies

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