Wallace and Grommit (1995)

Passing through Triangle theaters this week is WALLACE AND GROMIT: 
THE BEST OF AARDMAN ANIMATION, a short showcase from the British 
bunch best-known to us Americans for their claymation work on Peter 
Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" video and Chevron's talking-car TV ads.  
If you've never seen Nick Park's Oscar-winning CREATURE COMFORTS, 
with zoo animals expounding upon life behind bars, now is your 
chance.  Also in the collection are other short films (including 
WAT'S PIG and the hilarious PIB & POG), a couple COMFORTS-inspired 
commercials, and a Nina Simone music video.  The festival finishes 
with A CLOSE SHAVE, another Oscar-winning short from Mr. Park.  The 
inventive wit and generous humor of the story-- which involves 
sheep rustling, an evil robot dog, and the lonely widow Wendolene 
Ramsbottom-- puts to shame an entire summer of feature-films that 
have tried to be funny.  I haven't been as amused since FARGO. (Not 
Rated/72 min.)

Grade:  A- (the collection) 
        A+ (the short, A CLOSE SHAVE)

Copyright 1996 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: September 23, 1996

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