8 Heads in a Duffle Bag (1997)

ANACONDA is a stretch.  The characters are stock, the dialogue is 
dumb, and the big snake isn't the least bit scary.  Thank God for 
Jon Voight.  His defiant, over-the-top performance as a winking 
Peruvian priest-turned-snake hunter kept me awake for almost the 
entire movie.  8 HEADS IN A DUFFLE BAG, with Joe Pesci frantic to 
find his lost luggage, has a handful of funny scenes.  There's a  
greater likelihood, though, that you'll leave, or fall asleep, be-
fore you get to see them.  Skip it.  GROSSE POINTE BLANK, a comedy 
about a hit-man's high-school reunion, has a full clip of quirky 
charm.  And a good cast, including Dan Aykroyd at his funniest in 
years.  And it still put me to sleep.  MURDER AT 1600, yet another 
thriller implicating the Presidential penis, is neither believable 
nor interesting nor exciting nor titillating.  I left after an 


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Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: April 20, 1997

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