The Apostle (1997)

THE APOSTLE delivers on its promise:  a command (and, as of last 
week, Oscar-nominated) performance by Robert Duvall as a traveling 
Pentecostal preacher, on the road to Louisiana after some trouble 
in Texas.  Duvall also wrote, directed, and produced, which may 
explain why the lead character is often more interesting than the 
story.  Though the pacing could be snappier, Duvall's film is re-
markable in at least one respect:  when did you last see such an 
extraordinarily even-handed treatment of religion in the movies?  
Can I get an Amen, brother?  With Farrah Fawcett, Miranda Richard-
son, Todd Allen, John Beasley, June Carter Cash, and in a small 
role, Billy Bob Thornton.  (Rated "PG-13"/148 min.)  

Grade: B+  

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