Bandwagon (1997)

BANDWAGON isn't bad.  The locally produced story of a garage band 
trying to break big has a healthy sense of humor.  Production val-
ues are mixed, but better than I expected.  And, depending upon 
your musical tastes, the alt-rock soundtrack may be a bit much to 
endure in a single sitting.  (I had to, like, crank some Priest to 
clear my head, dude.)  Most enjoyable is seeing Raleigh and Wake 
County doubling for various out-of-state locales.  Now, *that's* 
fun.  Written and directed by John Schultz.  (Not rated/95 min.)

Grade: C

Copyright 1997 Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: October 5, 1997

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