Chasing Amy (1997)

Kevin Smith's raunchy romantic comedy, of the boy-meets-lesbian 
variety, has one of the smartest scripts that we'll likely see this 
year.  Oh, sure, the writer/director of CLERKS and the underappre-
ciated MALLRATS covers his fair share of familiar ground.  That the 
main characters are comic-book artists is no surprise.  Nor are the 
many "R"-rated discussions of sexual practices.  (One, ah, cunning 
linguist cites CNN and the Weather Channel and his need for "con-
stant updates.")  What's new for the Smithster-- who also reprises 
his role as Silent Bob, for one scene-- is a poignancy that creeps 
into the characters and their situations.  (The subject of a young 
man trying to accept his partner's sexual past is, indeed, heart-
breaking.)  Alas, the downside to this wonderfully written (and 
side-splitting funny) work is that it's also *directed* by Kevin 
Smith.  He's getting better with tone, I'll give him that, but his 
choice of actors still leaves a lot to be desired.  The worst of-
fender, by far, is lead actress Joey Lauren Adams.  With her Joker 
grin and Jennifer Tilly voice, she's instantly off-putting.  Bring 
cotton for your ears.  (Rated "R"/111 min.)

Grade: B

Copyright 1997 Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: April 20, 1997

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