Dante's Peak (1997)

Explosively dull.  We're talkin' a *real* pain in the ash to sit 
through, thanks to a cliche-soaked script that all but cancels out 
the mega-million dollar special effects.  (The budget was reported 
at $115M and, let me tell you, most of that money is right there on 
the screen!)  None of the characters is remotely interesting, nor 
is story soaked with enough impending doom.  (The science has its 
moments, though.  And did you know that volcanoes have killed more 
than 30,000 people in the past 15 years?)  The big boom isn't big 
fun.  Instead of mucho mass destruction, most of the second-half 
involves placing the major characters in peril, in situations that 
resemble future theme-park rides.  (The bit with a disintegrating 
boat on an acid lake is ingenious, I must admit.)  And how about 
those tough trucks?  After you see a Chevy (a.) ford a stream and 
(b.) cross a patch of hardened lava, you might catch yourself 
driving home by way of a certain car dealership.  (Rated "PG-
13"/112 min.)

Grade:  C-

Copyright 1997 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: February 10, 1997

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