Gone Fishin' (1997)

Reteamed for the first time since the LETHAL WEAPON sequels, Joe 
Pesci and Danny Glover play a pair of New Jersey numbnuts, headed 
to the Everglades for their annual pre-Thanksgiving fishing trip.  
There, they promptly lose their car, then their boat, then another 
boat, etc. etc.  A pair of unfunny opening gags is an early indi-
cator that director Christopher Cain (THE AMAZING PANDA ADVENTURE) 
can't set up slapstick to save his life.  Pesci and Glover, how-
ever, have an innocent charm that endures when the physical comedy 
doesn't.  (Much in the same way that Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow 
anchored the otherwise awful ROMY AND MICHELLE'S HIGH SCHOOL 
REUNION.)  OK ok ok ok, you won't split your sides, but you might  
enjoy the less-frantic moments.  Like when the two stooges are set 
upon by a smooth-talking salesman at a boat yard.  Or when they're 
giving babes the "killer look."  With appearances by Carol Kane (as 
Pesci's wife!), Louise Fletcher, Rosanna Arquette, and, in one of 
the year's most curious cameos, Willie Nelson as an avenging angel 
fishing instructor.  (Rated "PG"/94 min.)

Grade: C-

Copyright 1997 Michael J. Legeros
Movie Hell is a trademark of Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: May 31, 1997

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