In & Out (1997)

IN & OUT is a wickedly funny gay farce wrapped in a big, wet, warm 
hug of a romantic comedy.  Kevin Kline is a prissy delight the rur-
al Indiana English teacher who is "outed" on national television-- 
in an acceptance speech by an Oscar-winning former student (Matt 
Dillon)-- and days before his heterosexual wedding.  The ever-en-
larging Joan Cusack is a loss, however, as his fellow-teacher fian-
cee.  (Her screeching stops the film cold in certain spots.)  Both 
Wilford Brimley and Debbie Reynolds are underutilized as Mom and 
Pop, while Tom Selleck is just a stitch as the television tabloid 
reporter who's lingering around.  And Bob Newhart has a handful of 
funny scenes as the school's flustered principal.  Paul Rudnick's 
knowing script is a howl, but it's played way too broadly.  Of 
course, given the subject matter, that's probably just fine for 
most of middle America.  And don't miss one of the funniest screen 
kisses in film history, sissy man.  Unremarkably directed by Frank 
Oz (HOUSESITTER, WHAT ABOUT BOB?).  (Rated "PG"/90 min.)

Grade: B-

Copyright 1997 Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: September 14, 1997

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