Ma Vie En Rose (1997)

MA VIE EN ROSE is a delightful drama from Belgium, about a 7 year-
old boy who believes, well, that he's really a girl.  Young Ludovic 
would rather wear lipstick, appear in dresses, and play with a fic-
tional equivalent of Barbie and Ken.  (In the film's most adorable 
sequence, he rationalizes that God misplaced a certain chromosome.  
"It's scientific," he declares.)  Needless to say, his family has a 
different take, as does the suburban (and, oddly, American-looking) 
community that they've just moved into.  Though the storybook 
colors and fairy-tale fantasy sequences suggest a simpler and more 
broadly played film, Alain Berliner's Golden Globe-winning effort 
doesn't pull any punches, either in (a.) its examinations of gender
expectations or (b.) showing the cruel confusion that can result 
when such expectations are not met.  Go see it.  In French, with 
English subtitles.  (Rated "R"/88 min.)

Grade:  A

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