Nothing to Lose (1997)

Tim Robbins and Martin Lawrence are certainly the oddest couple to 
come down the pike in a while.  Mr. Susan Sarandon plays Nick Beam, 
a Southern California ad executive whose car is jacked by an un-
employed electronics expert (Lawrence).  The catch?  Nick has just 
discovered his wife in bed with the boss.  "Boy, did you pick the 
wrong guy on the wrong day."  Click go the door locks, squeal go 
the tires, and you can take it from there.  Yes, they become reluc-
tant best buds.  Yes, they become partners in crime.  Yes, these 
and other ridiculous plot points are cheerfully telegraphed in ad-
vance by writer/director Steve Oedekerk (THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, ACE 
VENTURA 2: WHEN NATURE CALLS).  Though the shaggy dog story grows 
increasingly (and distressingly) warm and fuzzy, Robbins and Law-
rence have a remarkably playful chemistry.  In fact, they're almost 
*too* playful.  During several exchanges, the actors appear barely 
able to maintain straight faces.  With John C. McGinley, Giancarlo 
Esposito, Kelly Preston, Michael McKean, and, whap!, Irma P. Hall.  
(Rated "R"/98 min.)

Grade: C

Copyright 1997 by Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: July 20, 1997

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