Paradise Road (1997)

PARADISE ROAD gets my vote for Most Boring Movie of the Year.  A 
bunch of stately actresses play a bunch of stately prisoners of 
war, interred by the Japanese during World War II, and who form a 
"vocal orchestra" as a way to wail in harmony.  The story is true 
and the actresses are appealing and neither of these is a reason 
to recommend this exceptionally uninteresting movie.  Oh, sure, a 
*few* things happen:  one woman is doused with gasoline and set on 
fire.  A catfight erupts over soap in the shower.  And Francis Mc-
Dormand speaks in a campy German accent.  (Well, at least that's 
one less role to cast for a big-screen update of "Hogan's Heroes.")  
With the exception of a-cappella renditions of Dvorak and Ravel, 
there isn't a thing here that we haven't seen before.  I kept pray-
ing for the film to break.  (Rated "R"/115 min.)

Grade: C
Copyright 1997 by Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: April 27, 1997

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