The Postman (1997)

THE POSTMAN is pretty bad.  Kevin Costner produces, directs, and 
stars in this ponderous, preposterous post-apocalyptic epic about  
an actor who dons a blue uniform as a trick to get food.  He spins 
a yarn about a restored U.S. government, which inspires others to 
hit the sack, which, in turn, unites several previously disconnect-
ed Pacific Northwest communities.  The core story, here, is a good 
one, but the narrative too often zigs when it should zag.  Costner 
indulges himself in such dopey detours as an extended love scene, 
when the screen time could be better-used elsewhere.  (Perhaps to 
explain the relationship between the bad guys-- an organized army 
of bandits-- and the various barricaded towns that they terrorize?)  
The grand vistas and hundreds of extras are something to see, I 
guess, even if the tone is too thick and the story makes increas-
ingly less sense as it goes.  (In particular, the time frame is a 
tough sell.  Less than nine months for all this sweeping stuff to 
occur?  And just who *are* all those people who appear at the end,
to aid our hero?  Total strangers?  Village People he's already 
met??)  Maybe if Mr. Costner paid more attention to the trees, he'd 
have a forest worth seeing.  Maybe.  Return to sender.  (Rated "R"/
180 min.)

Grade: D+

Copyright 1997 Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: In Brief

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