Seven Years in Tibet (1997)

SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET and it feels that way!  The story of Heinrich 
Harrer's WWII (and later) years is a big, fat, Brad Pitt bore.  As 
the real-life Austrian adventurer (and former Nazi-party member), 
the Pittster scales mountains, escapes from prison camps, and be-
friends a young Dalai Lama.  He even attempts an accent, which he 
gets about half-right.  (Now and then, he sounds Irish.  And, occa-
sionally, as if he spent time in the Bronx.)  It's an amazingly un-
affecting performance.  Nary a character compels in this well-shot, 
staggeringly scenic almost-epic.  Not Harrer.  Not his bud Peter 
Aufschnaiter (David Thewlis).  Not even the not-quite-enchanting-
enough Dalai Lama (Jamyang Wangchuk, the oldest of three actors to 
play the spiritual leader).  C'est la vie.  At least it's useful as 
a history lesson on how the Chinese overtook the country and forc-
ed the Big L. into exile.  (An exile that continues to this day, 
BTW.)  Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud (THE BEAR).  (Rated "R"/136 

Grade: C

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