She's So Lovely (1997)

SHE'S SO LOVELY stars Sean and Robin Wright Penn as Mr. and Mrs. 
Soused, a pair of substance-abusing, a-few-shots-short-of-a-full-
bottle barflies who are so very much in love that neither an ex-
tended stay in a mental hospital (for him) or divorce, remarriage, 
and kids (for her) can keep them apart for long.  They're the most 
memorable characters in this engrossing (and ultimately absurd) 
actors showcase, the centerpiece of which is Mr. Penn's riveting, 
Cannes award-winning performance.  Forrest Gump's girlfriend is 
quite good, as well, anchoring the film-- or the first hour, at 
least-- with a compelling study in skank.  (And you thought the 
cast of CAREER GIRLS were strangers to shampoo!)  

Also on hand is John Travolta, who cusses and fusses through a late 
appearance as the exasperated second husband.  (He's quite funny 
and gets off the best line in the film, telling his character's 
pre-teen daughter to "shut up and drink your beer.")  As for the 
story, well, seeing is disbelieving.  Sure, the film's first half 
is easy-going enough, but after ten years pass and loverboy returns 
to reclaim his wife, we're told nothing about her, or how she's 
doing, or what she's thinking, or why she's be-bopping out the door 
five seconds after attempting to slit her wrists.  It's a baffling 
turn of events that rivals CONSPIRACY THEORY for sheer second-hour 
suckiness.  Directed by Nick Cassavettes (UNHOOK THE STARS), from 
his late father's unproduced screenplay.  (Rated "R"/102 min.)

Grade: C+

Copyright 1997 Michael J. Legeros
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