U-Turn (1997)

U-TURN is a long sit.  Oliver Stone adapts John Ridley's neo-noir 
novel "Stray Dogs" by shooting in the style of NATURAL BORN KIL-
LERS.  And by showing his sense of humor, which is often funny as 
fuck.  It works as an exaggerated cartoon, but stops cold in its 
tracks when played straight, as the dreadful Jennifer Lopez at-
tempts to do.  (Could she have possibly brought any *less* to her 
scenes than she does?)  Nick Nolte is a rancid delight, Sean Penn 
is great fun, but it's the fringe characters (Billy Bob Thornton's 
dim-bulb grease monkey, Jon Voight's all-seeing blind Indian, etc.) 
who steal the show.  Didn't you read the sign?  Great soundtrack, 
too.  (Rated "R"/123 min.)

Grade: C+

Copyright 1997 Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: October 5, 1997

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