When the Cat's Away (1997)

WHEN THE CAT'S AWAY is about a young Parisian woman (Garance Cla-
vel) who loses her cat.  She leaves it with an old lady (Renee Le 
Calm) before going on vacation and returns to learn that puss has 
popped out the window and so she organizes a search party and they 
scour the neighborhood and her gay roommate (Oliver Py) helps and 
the old lady helps and the young woman makes new friends and visits 
new places and still hasn't found her cat and so she lays awake at 
night while her roomie bangs away in the next room and all of this 
was so damn exciting that I decided to forgo what promised to be a 
*very* relaxing nap and, instead, agreed with my companion that 
walking out was, indeed, the best way to appreciate this so-called 
"charming French film."  Needless to say, returning to the real 
world and our really ordinary lives was one Hell of an exciting 
proposition, by that point.  In French, with English subtitles.  
(Rated "R"/90 min.)

Grade: W/O

Copyright 1997 Michael J. Legeros
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