Antz (1998)

It ain't no TOY STORY, but the first animated feature from Dream-
works is still an exceedingly cute comedy-for-adults (that's also 
okay for older kids) about a dissatisfied drone (the voice but not 
the likeness of Woody Allen) who gets into all sorts of trouble 
after dancing with the disguised daughter of the Queen at a night-
club.  (This hive has *everything*.)  Before you can say "aard-
vark," the wise-cracking whiner has switched places with a sol-
dier, been sent off to war, returned the accidental hero, inadver-
tently kidnapped the Princess (the voice of Sharon Stone), *and* 
landed them both outside of the hill, where, of course, further 
adventures ensue.  As expected, the groundbreaking CGI animation 
is the hands-down high point here.  Strong vocal work, too, though 
the animated characters rarely resemble their celebrity counter-
parts.  (Sly Stallone is the lone exception.)  Allen, in particu-
lar, delivers one of his funniest performances in years.  (Or may-
be decades.)  He's less successful at creating a consistent char-
acter, but his quips are a stitch.  The soundtrack's a treat, too, 
with a couple pop songs and standards used to very witty effect.  
Eh, even if it feels a bit unsatisfying by the end, there are 
laughs a-plenty, some social commentary, and one genuinely breath-
taking sequence involving a gigantic pair of sneakers.  Too bad 
the rest of the movie ain't as awesome.  With the voices of Gene 
Hackman, Anne Bancroft, Christopher Walken, Jennifer Lopez, Danny 
Glover, and as a snooty pair of WASPy wasps, Dan Aykroyd and Jane 
Curtin.  Directed by Eric Darnell and Tim Johnson.  (Rated "PG"/77 

Grade: B

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Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: October 5, 1998

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