Baseketball (1998)

BASEKETBALL, another anything-goes gag-fest from another AIRPLANE! 
alumni, may be the hardest-working comedy of the year.  For direc-
tor David Zucker and "Southpark" creators Trey Parker and Matt 
Stone-- the stars of this slapstick sports comedy-- no joke is too 
lewd, crude, old, or obvious.  Bodily functions, in particular, are 
well-covered:  menstruation, urination, and lactation.  (The latter 
involving a *male* breast!)  We're taught a drinking game based on 
the Jerry Springer show, are shown what a bag of fat "suctioned 
from Marlon Brando's ass" might look like, and get to watch Yasmine 
Bleeth channel John Cleese in a long-dong locker room sequence 
that's an instant classic.  Add ample amounts of profanity and 
physical comedy and, well, you get the idea.  Plenty of laughs, but 
no serious side-splitters.  The film's sense of humor is too broad 
to be really, *really* funny.   With Robert Vaughn, Jenny McCarthy, 
Dian Bachar, Ernest Borgnine, and a bunch of cameos including Bob 
Costas and Al Michaels.  Kudos, too, to the tight editing and crisp 
cinematography.  (Rated "R"/103 min.)

Grade: B-

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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: Elastic Waistband

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