The Big One (1998)

THE BIG ONE is a good one.  Michael Moore's new documentary finds 
the professional pain in the ass to Corporate America once again 
baitin' CEOs, to talk on camera about profits and downsizing and 
why they can't make things like high-priced running shoes in the 
good ol' US of A.  (The standard answer is usually something along 
the lines of "we have to remain competitive.")  He hits 'em while 
taking a break from his 1996 book tour, ostensibly the focus of the 
film.  (Moore is prone to taking detours, waltzing into whatever 
situation he-- and his crew-- care to.  Just like that he shows up 
at the Rockford, IL home of Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nelson.  And 
then they jam.)  Though a bit monotonous in the middle and more 
than a little self-serving throughout, this is still *the* most 
entertaining (and, for that matter, flat-out funny) film currently 
playing in theaters.  Just see it.  (Rated "PG-13"/96 min.)

Grade: B

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