The Borrowers (1998)

THE BORROWERS is a bore.  Oh, the special effects are quite good, 
as is Gemma Jackson's splendid art direction.  (Her retro designs 
recall Anton Furst's Academy Award-winning work on BATMAN.)  The 
plot, however, is too thin-- a bad blending of Borrower mythos with 
MOUSEHUNT-style slapstick.  Maybe if the Human Beans were as engag-
ing as their miniature counterparts?  Maybe if John Goodman's game 
performance was backed by better timing?  (The editing of those 
physical abuse gags leaves something to be desired.)  Your kids'll 
love it, though, regardless.  With Jim Broadbent, Mark Williams, 
Hugh Laurie, Bradley Pierce, Celia Imire, Flora Newbigin, and Tom 
Felton.  Directed by Peter Hewitt (TOM AND HUCK, BILL AND TED'S 
BOGUS JOURNEY).  (Rated "PG"/88 min.)

Grade: C+

Copyright 1998 Michael J. Legeros
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