Cousin Bette (1998)

COUSIN BETTE is a bore.  Lush production values, to be sure, in-
cluding a score so busy that I thought I was watching AMADEUS II: 
SALIERI STRIKES BACK.  Too bad the tone never settles down.  (It's 
a drama!  No, it's a farce!  No, it's drama!)  Jessica Lange gives 
another command performance, yawn, as the title character, though 
the *real* guilty pleasure is misplaced Elisabeth Shue, who goes 
from bad to worse as one of Bette's objets d'scorn.  (For those 
keeping score at home, Ms. Shue-- Gesundheit!-- bares breasts once 
and flashes her backside four, maybe five times.)  Plan to nap or 
leave early or, heaven forbid, heckle.  That is, unless you're 
fortunate enough to have a clipboard in tow.  Myself, I kept busy 
trying to spell "Wenceslas."  With Bob Hoskins, Hugh Laurie, Kelly 
MacDonald, and Aden Young.  Directed by Des McAnuff.  Written by 
Lynn Siefert and Susan Tarr, from the novel by Balzac, huh huh huh.  
(Rated "R"/108 min.)

Grade: D+

Copyright 1998 Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: Elastic Waistband

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