Deep Rising (1998)

DEEP RISING is neither silly nor scary.  In fact, writer/director 
Stephen Sommers' seagoing creature feature isn't even awful enough 
to be endearing in that Ed Wood sort of way.  Okay, okay, there are 
a *few* chuckles, such as Oscar non-nominee Djimon Hounsou getting 
an ax in the forehead.  (Give us free... whap!) Or an elevator that 
falls several stories, but doesn't injure anyone on board.  Or, my 
favorite, Sandra Bullock lookalike Famke Janssen being chased by a 
bad guy wielding... a flare gun.  Hilarious moments, but not nearly 
enough of 'em.  Save your money and rent SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL 
instead.  (Rated "R"/106 min.)  

Grade: D-

Copyright 1998 Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: Catsup

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