Dr. Dolittle (1998)

DR. DOLITTLE is a disappointment.  Ninety minutes of butt and bath-
room jokes, all aimed at the kiddies.  (Not that there's anything 
wrong with that.)  If you're over the age of, say, seven, expect 
some serious squirming.  At least the voice credits are varied.  
You'll likely recognize Norm Macdonald, Chris Rock, Julie Kavner, 
Gary Shandling, Gilbert Gottfried, Ellen DeGeneres, and, in the 
movie's sole surreal twist, Albert Brooks as an ailing tiger.  Roar.  
With Oliver Platt, Richard Schiff, Ossie Davis, and Jeffrey Tambor.  
Betty Thomas (PRIVATE PARTS, THE BRADY BUNCH) directs.  (Rated 
"PG-13"/85 min.)

Grade: D+

Copyright 1998 by Michael J. Legeros
Movie Hell is a trademark of Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: June 28, 1998

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