Gods and Monsters (1998)

GODS AND MONSTERS opens in area theaters on Friday.  Likely Best 
Actor nominee Ian McKellan (APT PUPIL) stars as famed film director 
James Whale (FRANENSTEIN, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, etc.), retired and 
living in post-war L.A. and struggling with both the aftereffects 
of a slight stroke and his increasing attraction to his heterosex-
ual lawn boy (Brendan Fraser!).  Endlessly engrossing-- though not 
necessarily affecting-- it's easily one of last year's better ef-
forts.  A virtually unrecognizable (and occasionally overacting) 
Lynn Redgrave co-stars as the devoted housekeeper.  Bill Condon 
(CANDYMAN II) both directs and adapted the screenplay from Chris-
topher Bram's novel "Father of Frankenstein."  Horror author/illu-
strator Clive Barker is credited as an executive producer.  (Rated 
"R"/105 min.)

Grade: B+
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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: January 3, 1999

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