Lolita (1998)

LOLITA is a long sit.  Then 14-year old Dominique Swain is a find 
as the title character.  Jeremy Irons is very good as Hubert, but 
Melanie Griffith is miscast as Mom.  (She's a loss, but, hey, she 
dies off early.)  Frank Langella's Quilty has his big scary scene 
at the end-- an armed confrontation that goes so far over the top 
that I almost got a nosebleed!  (The image of Langella flopping 
about in an open bathrobe only adds to the effect...)  Not much 
here in the way of actual (or even inferred) sex, per what was 
probably a mix of artistic restraint, MPAA feedback, and adherence 
to the 1986 Child Pornography Prevention Act.  (Said law says even 
certain *simulated* sex is a no-no.)  The first hour has some high 
comedy; the second hour, however, is pure monotony.  Just remember 
to wake up for the finale.  Directed by Adrian Lyne (INDECENT PRO-
POSAL, FATAL ATTRACTION), with excellent period music supervised by 
Stephan R. Goldman.  (Rated "R"/137 min.)

Grade: C

Copyright 1998 Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: In Brief

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